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The use of helmets is compulsory for all drivers and passengers. We carry a comprehensive stock with sizes to fit all.
The use of helmets is compulsory for all drivers and passengers. We carry a comprehensive stock with sizes to fit all.
What time should I get to the circuit? Please arrive an hour before the day starts to sign on, get noise tested and to attend the drivers briefing.
What should i wear? Clothes appropriate for the time of year, bearing in mind many airfields and race tracks can be quite windy and cold! We strongly recommend you wear racing boots, soft soled trainers or deck shoes when driving on track. Racing suits are recommended but not compulsory, but we do insist that you wear clothing that covers your arms and legs whilst driving. We supply good quality and inexpensive driving gloves and boots.
Do I need special insurance? It is not compulsory, but please be aware that many car policies do not pay out when you are on track, please check with your Insurance Broker. Also please take note that it is your responsibility to pay for any vehicle damage to your own vehicle, whether an accident was your fault or not. You can take out special track day insurance cover from Motorsport insurance company Moris.
What should I do to my car? You should ensure that it is in a very good road worthy condition, that all levels are correct (though not overfilled as this can lead to spillages), tyres are pumped up to correct pressures (some people recommend pumping tyres between 2-6 psi above normal road car levels). Make sure your brakes are in tip top condition as track driving can be hard on brakes. Also ensure that there is nothing in the drivers cabin that can come loose or roll around (cassette tapes, phones, cans of drink etc).
Can Competition Cars Attend? Our events are for like minded enthusiast drivers in 'road type' cars. Please note that we do not allow any out and out, dedicated race or competition cars to participate, our events are track days and not test days for race cars. There are of course cross over cars (Road Saloons, some Rally Cars and of course many Kit type such as Caterhams and Westfields) which attend our events and whilst they may not be used on the road they could be; these cars are very welcome as long as they are well prepared and safe. What we don't allow are GT race cars, single seaters, sports racing cars (such as Radicals unless road legal) etc. If you have any doubts about the suitability of your car please ask in advance.
Do I need a crash helmet? We insist that all drivers and passengers wear crash helmets, with the chin straps done up securely at all times whilst on track. If you don't own one then we offer good quality helmets at a daily hire rate of just £20.
What about noise? Each venue has different noise regulations that your car must adhere to. Most standard road cars will easily be under the limit at all venues, however some side exit exhaust systems and modified cars can be over. We are very happy to test your car at one of our events and offer advice if you are unsure. Please call our office on 0844 873 6075.
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