Stay Sharp Karting


The motivation for the course is to provide the following:

  • Coaching for all levels of driver to improve their driving skills (feel, finesse, visual awareness, lines, judgement of braking, power application, skid control, mental approach)
  • The opportunity for drivers who have never raced Karts to see why it is the best driver development tool available
  • The chance for experienced, successful racers to Stay Sharp and therefore perform at their peak when driving race cars



    Why Karting?

    Most top class racing drivers began their careers in Karts and learnt their fundamental skills in these machines. What most people overlook is that many continue to train in Karts even when competing in the top echelons of the sport. In his successful quest to win the 2016 F1 World Championship, Nico Rosberg went back to Karts as part of his training and said, 'This year (2016), I did a lot of go-karting which I hadn't done in the past because we don't drive much in F1, practising that skill has really helped me '. Seven time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher never stopped racing Karts alongside his F1 commitments. The great Ayrton Senna said, 'I started racing go-karts. And I love Karts. It's the most breathtaking sport in the world. More than F1, indeed, I used to like it the most'.


    Not only is it the ideal environment in which to hone your driving techniques, but it is also huge fun and a physical challenge, top class Kart racers are all very fit and tough.


    The equipment?

    You will drive Tonykart Rotax Max Race or IAME X30 karts. These are all professionally prepared by us, in excellent condition and fast! These amazing machines can pull just under 3g through a corner and have 75% more power than a normal corporate kart. 


    Why us?

    We have a long and rich heritage in Karting, our company MD Ed Moore raced karts very successfully, worked as a professional in the industry and went back to Karting recently and won a British championship, his right hand man in the Stay Sharp program Richard Williams raced and won in Karts at British Championship level and has raced internationally in sportscars for many years. Karting  is the purest form of motorsport, you will find our enthusiasm for these events infectious and it will drive you on to become a better driver. Our team are experienced at international level and have worked with novices to F1 drivers in their careers, they can quickly assess your strengths and weaknesses and politely focus on the key areas to help you progress. All of the equipment is owned and maintained by us so you know exactly what you will get providing consistency over multiple sessions and assured quality. 


    What we promise?

    To provide well prepared equipment, be honest and polite with our coaching, but also direct and to the point. Bear in mind there isn't a lot we haven't seen before, every driver is different, the learning curve varies driver to driver, our aim is for you to improve in a sensible and logical way. Too many coaches try to impress by over complicating things, our way is to make things simple and not overload with too much information in one go, plus we will steer you in a way that means you can start analysing your own driving, you need to think for yourself too!


    The costs 

    We strive to provide great products at realistic prices. We love coaching and Karting so much that if we could do it for free we would! We charge sensible fees bearing in mind the high level of attention you will receive.

    • The fee all in is £575 + VAT per day per driver at Clay Pigeon and at other venues the fee is £625 + VAT per day
    • Sharing a kart is possible, but does restrict what you can do and only really works well if both drivers are of similar height and build, if a second driver does a few sessions in the same kart it would be an extra £150 plus VAT
    • If the day requires the use of wet tyres there will be an additional charge of a minimum of £50 and a maximum of £160 + VAT
    • For a day of testing, where we run the kart, but this doesn't include coaching (just basic guidance) the fee is £500 + VAT

    What does this include? 

    All consumable parts, good used race tyres, fuel, circuit testing fee (note the events will be held on open test days) and a professional driver coach to guide you. After your session a de-brief and then a detailed, confidential driving assessment emailed to you (this will be an accurate analysis of where you are now and areas to keep focusing on).


    What doesn't it include? 

    Food, racewear (we can probably provide this if requested in advance), accident damage to the equipment (this would be charged at the price of any components damaged and £40 + VAT per hour to complete repairs).



    • Clay Pigeon kart circuit midway between Yeovil and Dorchester off the A37. This track has a rich heritage and drivers such as Coulthard, Hamilton and Button all raced in their formative years there. If you wish to stay locally there is a lovely hotel on site. Friday and Saturdays of many weeks available.
    • Llandow circuit, near Cardiff in South Wales, a gem of a track, every conceivable corner layout, fabulous for training and a great on site Cafe! Weekdays and Saturdays available.
    • Whilton Mill near Daventry in Northamptonshire, a stunning track, used to host top line British Championship events. Lot of local hotels and B&B's. Most Wednesdays available and other weekdays too.

    How to book?

    Call us on 01225 862360 or email us at for more information or to book a date.

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