Stay Sharp at Castle Combe


This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to drive Castle Combe in private and be taught by a professional driver coach in your own car. Stay Sharp at Castle Combe has been created by Castle Combe circuit legend Ed Moore, who has won more races in single seater racing cars at this fabulous Wiltshire circuit than anyone else.

The course objectives are: 

Enable all levels of drivers including Juniors to learn in detail how to drive the circuit properly and to avoid the sometimes very costly mistakes that many make.

Learn how to handle your car by doing limit handling exercises. Understand weight transfer, the importance of smooth inputs, understeer, oversteer. The key to using your vision properly and how this is vital and not to drive dot to dot by using too many visual references.



Course content is always tailored to the individual, we start slowly with gentle lapping to see the strengths and weaknesses of the driver, followed by car control exercises using a slalom and the chicane normally used for motorcycle events. Emergency braking exercises follow to teach cadence braking (in pre ABS cars) or teach you how to get the most from your ABS brakes in newer machinery. A session of learning about heel and toe down changing is vital for car owners with traditional gearboxes. After all this we go back on track to put into practice some of these new skills and also to get into a consistent rhythm of driving to a high level around Castle Combe.



Safety is paramount, should a guest not drive in the manner requested then the session can be stopped immediately. Helmets at all times, plus the car must be prepared properly (brakes, no leaks, tyres, wheels torqued up on the day etc). The coaching is not about how fast you can go, it is about how well you can drive and improving your skills and knowledge.


Costs and how to book?

Per guest half day One to One Stay Sharp @ Castle Combe £900.00

For two guests to share (family or friends) @ Castle Combe £1020

Call us on 01225 862360 or email us at for more information or to book a date.

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