Abingdon airfield is an MOD site now occupied by the army and also used for Glider training. It was opened in 1932 and many RAF Squadrons served there until the RAF moved out in December 1992.

It is in excellent condition, has lots of top quality tarmac and is sure to be a firm favourite on the track day calendar. Our track design has a great mix of corners, using the huge amount of space available and long straights with speeds in excess of 100 mph possible in most cars. This is a fantastic venue, not to be missed by any enthusiastic driver!

There is a petrol station within 10 minutes of the track, with Shell V Power and Tesco Superunleaded also available locally and plenty of local Hotels and B&B's.

The strict rule at Abingdon is 100dB(A) at 0.5 metres and at 4500 rpm, for motorcycle engine cars we require this to be 3/4 of maximum rpm. Additionally cars that rev over 7500 rpm plus rotary type engines and V-tec type engines will also be tested at 3/4 of maximum rpm. Whilst officially no drive-by monitoring will take place the Event Manager reserves the right to remove any car from the track and prohibit further track driving if a car is deemed to be causing excessive noise that may cause long term harm to the venue. If you have doubts about conforming to this please contact us ASAP. These rules will be enforced rigidly, so if you have any doubts either consider adding extra silencing or do not come. There will be noise testing for everyone prior to track driving commencing. Please note that we do not allow any race or competition cars to participate only cars which meet a road legal standard (cars which are both race or rally cars and also road legal are permitted). THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Please note that if you require a silencer to pass the noise test you must keep this in place all day. Removal will result in your car being excluded from the track for the rest of the day.

Abingdon is very well located being within easy reach of the M40 motorway, south of Oxford.

Abingdon video clip of one of our customers having lots of fun. Please note that the track shown may be altered and revised. The footage is provided by one of our customers for public broadcast on youtube and is not an official Motorsport Events video.

Date Track Price
Fri 13th Sept 13 September 2024: Abingdon track day 13 September 2024: Abingdon track day £149.00 View / Book Now
Fri 18th Oct 18 October 2024: Abingdon track day 18 October 2024: Abingdon track day £149.00 View / Book Now
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