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If you would like to learn how to drive your own car to a high standard then this is the course for you. Our chosen venue is the fantastic Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire and you'll be guided by a hugely experienced professional driver coach for a day of one to one coaching. Stay Sharp at Millbrook has been created by Ed Moore and his team of driving experts with decades of experience in motorsport and in coaching drivers of all levels of experience and ability.


What are the objectives of the course?

Put simply to make you a better, safer and more aware driver, this will mean you are able to handle your car better and find it much more rewarding to drive.


Every generation of car becomes more powerful, faster and whilst modern suspension, braking and safety systems are often superb, the driver is still the most important 'active safety' feature of the car and the one that is most neglected and who's software hasn't normally been upgraded for many years, if ever!


We have worked with 17 year old novices, experienced racing drivers, stunt drivers, close protection officers, movie stars, sports stars, the Royal Family and will quickly be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Your knowledge of vehicle dynamics will improve rapidly, you'll appreciate the importance of smooth inputs, where to place a car, how to use the brakes, lines through corners, how to use the throttle properly and your visual awareness will move to a new level. You will become a much improved all round driver and understand the potential of your car and it's limitations better too.

    Why Millbrook?

    Millbrook is an industry leading vehicle proving ground where manufacturers test prototype vehicles in different environments prior to production. It is a fantastic venue with a rich heritage dating back to 1970 with a multitude of tracks contained within it's 700 acres and is also used for filming, it is perhaps most famous for the amazing stunt performed for James Bond's Casino Royale where an Aston Martin DBS was rolled 7 times (a world record)

    What makes this great venue so special is that you will be driving on different tracks to focus on different areas of your driving skills, these include:

    • City Course

    • Mile Straight

    • ABS Braking Area

    • Dynamics Pad

    • Handling Circuit

    • High Speed Circuit

    • Hill Route

    Course content is always tailored to the individual to a degree depending on the initial assessment of your driver coach, we start slowly on the City Course and gradually up the pace on the Mile Straight, High Speed Circuit and will perform some ABS brake testing exercises on a special low grip surface, practice vehicle dynamics exercises and learn all about how to drive a track in detail on the Handling and Hill Routes. A session of learning about heel and toe down changing is vital for car owners with traditional gearboxes. We will put you through your paces and ensure it is a hugely entertaining and memorable event.


    Can Electric Vehicle Owners Attend?

    Absolutely yes, we are enthusiastic about all cars and are big fans of Electric Vehicles. It has become apparent that the huge power levels of these wonderful machines is something many owners are unaccustomed to, the Stay Sharp @ Millbrook course is ideal to improve your skills whilst also getting familiar with the technology and massive acceleration of an EV in a safe controlled environment. Millbrook has a good number of charging stations making it the ideal venue for an EV.


    Who attends Stay Sharp @ Millbrook?

    Firstly age is no barrier, as long as you are fit and well, have a current full driving licence and are keen to improve your driving skills you can join in. With cars getting ever faster we find that many drivers who have purchased a fun sportscar for the first time find this course ideal. We think it should be mandatory for owners of high performance cars to be coached professionally to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to be safe. Anyone who is sensible enough to realise that anything you can learn to make you a better and safer driver is the perfect pupil for us, sadly too many drivers think they are brilliant and the reality is often somewhat different! If you are someone that has owned lots of sportscars over the years, but feel nervous of them, this course would be ideal for you. If you are a parent of a young driver who is rather too exuberant than send them to us! Track day drivers and novice race drivers are ideal pupils, so many times we see fundamental technique flaws and bad habits that we can correct quickly. We have the tools to help nearly all drivers improve, feel free to email us ( with any specific requests you have.


    Our Coaches 

    Our lead coach is Ed Moore, he grew up in motorsport, as a youngster was one of the top kart racers in the UK, he then became a multiple single seater racing champion. In his professional career Ed has worked as a driver behind the scenes for Top Gear, coached high profile celebrities such as Piers Brosnan, Hugh Grant and Daniel Craig, has worked with Royalty, F1 drivers and has worked for nearly all the most prestigious car brands. You'll always see him at big motoring events like the Goodwood Festival of speed doing demo drives and he is known as a very fast, analytical driver; he is also a great communicator and coach. Ed's team at Motorsport Events are chosen because they have vast knowledge, successful racing backgrounds and are brilliant at getting the most from their students.



    Safety is paramount, should a guest not drive in the manner requested then the session can be stopped immediately. The car must be prepared properly (brakes, no leaks, tyres, wheels torqued up on the day etc). The coaching is not about how fast you can go, it is about how well you can drive and improving your skills and knowledge. Please note that photography and in car filming is not allowed and it is not possible for extra guests or spectators to attend due to the top secret nature of Millbrook as an industry testing facility for top secret prototypes.


    Costs and how to book? 

    Per guest full day Stay Sharp @ Millbrook £1100.00


    Call us on 01225 862360 or email us at for more information or to book a date.

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