Stay Sharp Track Coaching


You may not have been aware that you can book one our top ARDS coaches on other track day organisers events as well as our own. So if you are taking a trip to Brands Hatch, Goodwood, Donington Park or any other venue and would like a top notch coach to accompany you, then you can book that with us. So you can relax and know that you will be guided and taught properly with an MSE driving expert.

Stay Sharp Track Coaching Objectives 

Enable all levels of driver (including Juniors) to learn in detail how to drive the chosen circuit properly and to avoid the mistakes (sometimes very costly ones) that many make and to lap smoothly, safely and at a decent pace. We work on getting a driver into the zone by working on the fundamentals first of smoothness, balance, good visual awareness, judgement of when to brake and how hard, line, throttle application, understanding compound corners, driving to the conditions and much more. You will become not only better at that track, but a better all round driver. Our style is to be open and honest and whilst we will talk in detail, we are direct and to the point.



Coaching is always tailored to the individual to some degree, initially your coach will talk you around the circuit and see where your level of ability and skills are and work from there, everyone is of course different.


Our Coaches

Our lead coach is Ed Moore, he grew up in motorsport, was one of the top kart racers in the UK as a youngster, he then became a multiple single seater racing champion. In his professional career Ed has worked as a driver behind the scenes for Top Gear, coached high profile celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Grant and Daniel Craig, has worked with Royalty and F1 drivers. You'll always see him at big motoring events like the Goodwood Festival of speed doing demo drives and he is known as a very fast, analytical driver, but also a great communicator and coach. Ed's team at Motorsport Events are chosen because they have vast knowledge, successful racing backgrounds and are renowned first class driver coaches.


Costs and how to book?

Stay Sharp Track Coaching per day £550.00

(this fee is for any venue within 150 miles of our base near Bath, for other venues please contact us).

To book please email us at and let us know the venue, car details and date, we will then cross check this with our driver coaches and get you booked in.



Safety is paramount, should a guest not drive in the manner requested then the session can be stopped immediately. Helmets at all times, plus the car must be prepared properly (brakes, no leaks, tyres, wheels torqued up on the day etc). You will of course follow the track day organisers own final instructions and specific rules.


How to book?

Call us on 01225 862360 or email us at for more information or to book a date.

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