Castle Combe detailed track map

Castle Combe

Castle Combe offers a huge challenge to any driver. It is very fast and yet is technically challenging with every corner needing a thoughtful approach to find the right line.

Set in stunning Wiltshire countryside, next door to the picturesque Castle Combe village it has a unique charm and all serious drivers should visit this legendary circuit. The breakfast in the circuit's Tavern is worth the journey alone!

These days are overseen by our very own Ed Moore who has unrivaled knowledge of Castle Combe and has won over 30 races outright at this track. Who better to ask advice for negotiating the tricky approach into Quarry corner or for understanding how to maximise your exit speed out of Camp corner?

The noise testing rules at Castle Combe are 100 dB(A) at 0.5 metres and at 4500 rpm, for motorcycle engines cars we require this to be at 3/4 of maximum rpm. This rule will be enforced rigidly, so if you have any doubts consider adding extra silencing.

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