Track Day FAQ


Do I need a fast/exotic car?

Cars that attend range from inexpensive Rover 25s, BMWs, Lotus Elises, Caterham 7s, Aston Martins, Porsches, Ferraris, Teslas and pretty much everything in between. Many cars are sporty, but what matters above all else is that they are well maintained and that the driver understands the ethos behind a track day.


I must be too old for this sort of thing?

If you are fit and well and have a current driving licence then you are not too old.


Do I need track driving experience?

We all have to start somewhere, remember we run true track days, not competition car test days and professional driver coaches are on hand to offer guidance and help.


Do I need special insurance?

Insurance is not mandatory, do bear in mind that your normal road policy is very unlikely to cover you on track and so you may want to take out special track day insurance cover for your car and also personal accident insurance. A quick internet search and you will find many brokers offering cover. Any damage to you or your car is your own responsibility, however it was caused, therefore insurance is recommended.


What should I wear?

You will need a quality crash helmet, we recommend one approved to current MotorsportUK regulations (approved to a standard such as Snell SA2015, Snell SA2020, FIA 8859). Race overalls are a good idea, but not mandatory and soft soled trainers or race boots so that you can feel the pedals properly are important. Please note that you must have your arms and legs covered, so if it is a hot day wear something appropriate (not a heavy jacket or thick jumper).


How should I prepare my car?

It should be fit for use on the public road and really beyond that you must ensure you have good quality tyres with lots of life in them, brakes maintained to a high standard, nothing loose in the car (drink cans, mobile phones, umbrellas etc), ensure there are no fluid leaks and don't overfill oil, petrol or water, we would recommend that any modifications to the car are carried out professionally. If your car has a stripped out interior do not leave any sharp edges, this can often be an issue when door cards are removed and left unprotected, they should be covered with thin gauge aluminium or similar, not left naked. Always torque up wheel nuts to the manufacturers recommended settings before going on track.


How should I prepare?

Be well rested before the day, set off in plenty of time so you are not feeling under time pressure, perhaps beforehand carefully watch some onboard videos of the venue and look at track maps to get a feel for the circuit. During the day pace yourself, start slow, learn the track, only then consider trying to up your pace and of course drive to the conditions of the day. Remember on track that the single most important thing to work on is good visual awareness, only when you use your vision well will you be able to judge braking zones, lines and throttle application well. Also during the day, remember you have all day, so pace yourself, have plenty of breaks to relax and keep hydrated especially on hot days.


Can I use a video camera system?

Yes you can, note it should be professionally mounted with a safety strap and passengers must not try and film by using a camera or mobile phone whilst in car, this could result in exclusion from the day. Any images of an incident must not be uploaded to social media. Helmet cameras are not allowed, anything mounted on the outside of a crash helmet shell is a pressure point in the event of an accident and can result in the helmet shell being compromised and not spreading the impact load properly.


Photography and drones?

At most events we have a professional photographer present, you can of course take your own images, but please note that any images of an incident must not be uploaded to social media. Drones are forbidden.


Paddock bikes and scooters?

These are not allowed due to health and safety concerns. Our own staff may use a scooter, but this is the only exception.


Can competition cars attend?

We run track days for road based cars, not test days for race cars. There are cross over cars that we would accept such as cars like a road saloon car that has been converted into a race car and Caterham 7s. We do not allow any Radicals, single seater formula cars, out and out GT race cars etc. If you are unsure please ask.


Can I use slick tyres?

Only if the conditions permit. Please note that for most road cars this is not wise to do without upgrading other areas of the car (brakes, suspension, possible roll cage fitment etc).


Can I take out a passenger?

Yes but only one in the front seat (no back seat passengers), they must have signed our waiver and have the appropriate wristband. Passengers must be 16 years old or above, if under 18 their waiver must be countersigned by a parent or guardian. Note the Covid-19 pandemic has meant the rules for passengers does vary depending on UK government guidelines, if you are unsure please ask, but we will inform you about this in your event final instructions.


Is it competitive?

Absolutely not, there are very clear rules for overtaking, with consent only, not in braking zones or corners (all explained carefully in the driver's briefing) and timing by anyone in your group is not allowed. Analysis of data after driving is allowed.


What if there is a crash?

We have to always remember that driving can be dangerous and unfortunately incidents can happen. To deal with these rare situations a medic is always in attendance and professional marshals. It is important to understand that any costs incurred with damage to you or your car are your responsibility, we make it very clear that you attend at your own risk and cannot claim from another participant or the venue and/or event organisers.


Is coaching available?

We have professional driver coaches on hand who are hugely experienced in motorsport and who are each able to convey their knowledge with clear, precise coaching as part of our Stay Sharp coaching. Booking coaching sessions can be made when booking your place. During the Covid-19 pandemic we did not offer in car coaching, the availability of this is dependent on UK government rules and regulations and we will keep this situation updated accordingly.


Will I wear out my tyres?

Over enthusiastic and poor driving techniques can lead to premature tyre wear and this can always be improved with a Stay Sharp coaching session. Realistically of course driving quickly will always wear out tyres faster than normal road driving.


Can spectators come along?

Yes normally of course, these are not big spectator events, but we are always delighted to welcome friends and family members.


Is food available on the day?

Yes professional catering is available on all of our track day events.


What about directions?

Directions and postcodes are emailed to you in your final instructions leading up to the event.


What about noise?

We have to protect our venues for the long term. So the specific noise regulations for each venue must be strictly adhered to. Anyone removing any extra noise reducing silencers after the static noise test will be asked to leave, please be responsible and lets keep our venues going for many years to come!


Airfield or circuit days?

Both are excellent, airfields can often be more forgiving with some areas that have much more run off space. We have many customers that love them both!


What if it rains? Or if the conditions are very bad?

If it rains then we will run, you just have to remember that grip will be massively reduced and thus drive accordingly. We would only not run if a venue is flooded badly, frozen, snow or poor visibility. There are no refunds or credits for these very rare weather conditions which force an event to be halted. If safety is compromised during a day by the weather, then we may stop driving and close the track for whatever duration is necessary.


If you have to cancel, are you entitled to a refund?

For owner driver track day bookings there is a £30 administration charge for date changes or cancellation requests made no less than twenty-eight days prior to the event date. There are no refunds available where a date change or cancellation is made less than twenty-eight days prior to the Event date and date changes cannot be made. However, all vouchers and track day places are transferable provided we are notified of the name change prior to the date of the Event and that the new guest complies with all the regulations stipulated by the relevant suppliers and their terms and conditions. All communications must be confirmed in writing. The date of cancellation is the date we receive notification in writing in our office.


If an event is cancelled due to COVID-19 a credit will automatically be held for future use. No refunds will be given in this instance.


Are these days for hooligans?

No, absolutely not, we work hard to maintain a very friendly atmosphere for like minded motoring enthusiasts. Any attendee that doesn't respect the ethos of our events (track days not test days) may be asked to leave early. You will find nearly all of our guests are lovely, friendly people and we encourage the social aspect of track days.


When do I receive my final instructions?

We email these out in the week leading up to the event. If you haven't received them 3 days prior to the event, please check your email spam folder and if they are not in there please email us ( to request a copy to be sent again.


Sessions or open pitlane format?

Unless circumstances mean we have no choice, we run open pitlane events, it is a much more relaxing format and with our policy of not over booking events, we ensure you get plenty of quality track time. We do start events with 3 short sessions which are led around by a course vehicle for initial sighting laps, then go to a full open pitlane format.


Needing help or advice?

Get in touch, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, email us at and at the events all our staff are there to help make your day fun and memorable, so don't be nervous of asking us even the most basic question, we all have to start somewhere.


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