Junior Drive

The perfect opportunity for youngsters aged 12-16

Junior Drive can be bought as a gift or as an extra when booking a track day, we do not run these sessions at every event so please call to book.

We are extremely excited to announce that your son or daughter can now learn to drive at our airfield events!

This is the perfect opportunity for youngsters aged 12 -16 to be taught the basics and get a head start with learning all important driving skills in a safe controlled environment.

Junior Drive is available at most of our airfield events. It is not a high performance track activity, instead Junior Drive will be held in private on the vast expanses of space available at our airfield venues. Junior Drive uses your car but with our superb instructors!

The ideal chance for your child to get a head start. These courses are not designed to help pupils pass the UK Driving Test, but are simply a chance to get a feel for handling a car under the guidance of professional drivers. Courses are tailored to the individual from the complete novice to a Karting champion, but topics covered can include:

  • Understanding and using the basic controls
  • Low speed manoeuvring
  • Understanding the importance of smoothness
  • Emergency braking techniques with ABS and non ABS cars
  • Improving observation skills
  • Emergency avoidance skills
  • Basic cornering techniques

60 minute lessons at our airfield events are only £90

Junior Drive coaching sessions make a superb gift and are the ideal chance for your child to accompany you on a track day and not just sit around all day!

Junior Drive Half Day with Ed Moore

Junior Drive with Ed Moore can be bought as a gift with a voucher sent by email.

Motorsport Events MD and ultra successful racing driver Ed Moore is available for Junior Drive exclusive half day courses at various locations. This course is available only when we are not running a track day, so the junior driver has the whole airfield to themselves! Ed has coached numerous high profile celebrities, racing drivers and young drivers and is known as one of the very best in the business.

Half day Junior Drive courses are available now and the fee includes the airfield exclusively and Ed Moore for just £350.


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