Motorsport Events and Covid-19


9th June 2021

Thanks to restrictions lifting slightly we are now welcoming passengers outside of your household in your car and offering in car instruction and helmet hire. We are however still asking guests not to bring spectators in order to keep the general numbers at events down.

The signing on and briefing process will continue online.

Face masks must also still be worn in all buildings including our inflatable signing on tent at airfield events.


12th October 2020

We are still facing challenging times in England at the moment but as a company we are thrilled at how our COVID-19 policies and procedures have been received and accepted. We will continue to enforce all of them at all of our events and thank our guests for their cooperation. 

Face masks must now be worn in all inside areas and this includes our inflatable signing on tent at our airfield events for the protection of all guests and staff.

Due to the current infection rate we are still not offering helmet hire or in car instruction as this goes against government advice and we feel very strongly that it is not appropriate at this time.

Once again we would like to thank everyone, you have all been amazing.


1st August 2020

Our COVID-19 policies and procedures have been in place for events since June and have proved to be working perfectly both prior to and on event days. The online safety briefing, test and waiver are enabling guests and staff to sign on securely in the comfort of their own homes and by having the briefing online save a lot of time on the actual day. Thank you to everyone who has helped with this seemless transition.

We would like to confirm that guests are only allowed to be a passenger with someone from their own household.

In car instruction and helmet hire are not permitted at this time.

We are aware that other companies have changed their rules but as per the government guidlelines we are not.

The safety of guest and staff is far more important. Instructors are at all of our events and more than happy to talk through any issues guests have and assist in any way that they can.


12th June 2020

We are working hard to bring together all of our procedures for our events from now on. The first major change will be that the driver's briefing and signing on process will now happen online prior to you coming to the event.  During the week leading up to the event all main drivers will be emailed this information. It is then up to them to forward this on to anyone who is coming to the event. Passengers (who must be from the same household) do not have do watch the briefing but them must sign the online waiver. They can make payment on the day but it will be better to have completed the signing on process in advance.

The events will of course feature a few changes too, social distancing will be implemented at all times for all guests and staff - no exceptions!

Hand sanitising stations will feature in key places although we do of course recommend you bring plenty of your own. If you are sharing a car with someone who is not in your household, the car must be fully sanitised between drivers paying special attention to key areas such as door handles, steering wheel, gear stick and seat belts.

IMPORTANT - No helmet hire on instructions is available until further notice.

Full details on all our COVID-19 procedures will be released on here very soon.

Team MSE can't wait to see you on track!


20th May 2020

Our events for June are looking more like a very realistic possibility at the moment however we will have to wait until June to be 100% certain.  

The days themselves will have a different look as we implement our COVID-19 procedures and measures. We will detail these here in full prior to the first event on 19th June, however many of the procedures listed below from March will be implemented.

We have also made the decision to not offer in car tuition at any event until further notice. Instructors will however be available for advice at every event and of course happy to help at no charge.


23rd March 2020

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we write to advise that we are cancelling our events throughout March and April.  We hoped that we would be able to carry on through these tough times, but if we operate, we would all be going against the latest government advice and we will not do that. We all have to be responsible and try our absolute best to stop the spread of covid-19.
This is the email we didn't want to send. We had hoped to provide you all with a fun day out, doing what we all love in the most uncertain of times and had planned many new measures to minimise the risk, but it is very clear we have to shut up shop for now. We do hope to be able to run in May, but at this time that remains uncertain as does everything.
If you have a booking with us during either March or April.  This will remain as a credit with us until you can use it, even if that's in a few years time.  If you know the event you would like to attend please email us and we will transfer you, if you do not know, then sit tight and email us when you do. Obviously all dates are subject to availability. 
If you can avoid calling us then please do, please use email as our lines are very busy at the moment, apologies if that sounds rather anti-social, that's not our intention. If you really do need to call our new number is 01225 862360.
Over the last couple of weeks we have been extremely grateful for many kind emails and it is clear that you all want to continue doing track days with us, thanks so much for your support. 
Times will be very challenging for us all for the next few months.  We are very proud of Motorsport Events and what we represent, a family business like ours will suffer, but we are very determined people and will be back as soon as the current crisis passes.
The spread of this awful virus has been unprecedented, by curtailing events for now we are doing the right thing. Most importantly is that we all follow the UK government guidelines, stay safe and healthy and of course be kind to everyone.
In the meantime, please share images of your past track days with us, stories of your cars and anecdotes on Facebook (, stay positive and keep in touch.
Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you on track again soon.


18th March 2020

The COVID-19 situation is constantly changing, here we can keep you updated with the status concerning our track days.

Currently our events are going ahead with extra precautions to minimise risk to guests and staff. If an event is cancelled we will inform participants by email and post updates on Facebook . Calling or emailing will not give any more information than we post online, we will notify guests immediately of changes.

There are simple steps we can all take to minimise risk and be considerate of others.

1.   We would advise you to bring your own anti bacterial hand sanitiser and use it regularly.
2.   Please fill in and bring your indemnity form with you and ask your guests to do the same as this means less contact and also less time in the signing on area. Although we will be providing blank forms we will not be providing pens, so please bring your own if needed.
3.   If you have to queue to sign on please allow a reasonable distance between you and other guests.
4.   All drivers need to show their licence. Please have it ready so that we do not have to handle it unless we request to do so.
5.   The briefing will take place outside even if it's raining so please bring an umbrella.
6.   Passengers do not need to attend the briefing.
7.   If you have attended an event at the venue within the last 12 months with us (not another organiser), then you may be exempt from the briefing. Those who are exempt will be notified and if you haven't been notified you MUST attend. We are doing this to minimise numbers.
8.   We will still be attaching wristbands to all guests however staff will sanitise prior to this.

      At our airfield events the catering van is outside and you can take your food to your car or own space easily. At circuits we are aware that lunch slots will be longer to allow guests to spread the time they eat to minimise the numbers of guests eating at any one time. This will be explained on the day.

      Final instructions including the indemnity form for all of our venues can be found here:

      We urge guests to regularly wash hands and watch the government website for further information on this constantly changing situation.

      Please do not bring anyone over the age of 70 or those from one of the at risk groups.

      Information from the government can be found here :


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